Goggle Care


Well no they are not. But they should be! Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to care for your goggles.

Why do my goggles steam up?

Ski goggles steam up because there is moisture trapped on the inside of the lens. There are many reasons for this.

1. You are sweating.

2. You have somehow managed to get snow on the inside of your goggles.

3. You may have left them in a cold car overnight.

How do I prevent my goggles from steaming up?

1. DRY THEM OUT! Hang them up somewhere warm and dry, preferably away from other damp garments. A radiator is a good kind of heat. Hang them face down so the moisture has somewhere to go when it evaporates.

2. If you are on the hill, use a dry micro-fibre cloth to wipe away as much of the moisture as possible. It is best to take your gloves off for this, as they can sometimes just add to the problem!

**Some goggles are now double-lensed, which can prevent steaming up. However we have seen even the most experienced mountain folk face plant and eat snow. These double layers can take longer to dry out. 

The foam around the goggles is going all weird.

This is usually results from not taking your goggles off your helmet. When you have finished for the day, either take your goggles off your helmet, or pull them down so the foam is not touching the helmet.

How should I store my ski goggles?

It is important to make sure you goggles are totally dry before you store them away. If they came with a case or a bag, this is the best place to store them. 
If you are packing your goggles in a suitcase, make sure they aren't going to get squashed or misshapen! A solid box or even a ski boot is better than nothing!