About Us

So yes. We understand that your goggles came with a lovely, pull string bag to put them in

… why would you ever need a Proggle?

 Well, mountain life, a lot like mountain weather, can be spontaneous and occasionally unpredictable!

Senario One:

      ‘Yeah I will come for a beer, but only one I want to make the most of tomorrow’

Next thing you know its 3am, you are dancing on a table, drop kicking your helmet at your mate who is currently chugging a pint from his ski boot. Goggles sliding around the muddy floor!

Senario Two:

     ‘I should really go get the van now to make sure I get to my next pick up on time– but it’s the best pow of the season and alright one more run …’

DOOF DOOF – yep that’s the sound of your helmet in the boot of your van, knocking the sides as you tank it down the windy roads to Geneva.

The Proggle was created by two broke transfer drivers back in 2014, who wanted to make sure their goggles survived the whole 5 months of the winter season.

It’s the perfect accessory to protect your goggles before and after a long day on the hill. Designed to easily pull over your goggles without having to take them off your head, with soft micro-fiber material on the inside, and two clips that slide over the goggle strap. Whether you are jumping on a bus, or falling out of a bar, the Proggle stops those annoying scratches from appearing, whatever your mountain adventure may be!

100% made in Britain (we are very proud of this)